All about Knitting Yarn

At Clark Craft we stock knitting yarn from leading brands including Sirdar, Hayfield, King Cole, James C Brett and more. If you can’t find something you’re looking for online, please get in touch with the shop as we have more ranges available in the shop.

Fashion Yarn

Fashion wool or yarns are primarily about their appearance and style. Fashion yarn covers a wide range of weights. Perfect for knitting a striking garment or toy.



2 Ply Yarn

2 ply wool is sometimes also known as lace weight wool and is the lightest of the yarn weights. It’s delicate and ultra thin making it suitable for light-weight garments such as shrugs, wraps and shawls.

For best results, we recommend using thinner needles which produce finer, smaller stitches. Larger needles can be used to produce an open-knit effect.

3 Ply Yarn

Most commonly, 3 ply wool is used for knitting delicate garments such as socks and baby clothes. Suitable for both novices and experts.

Typically, we recommend using a needle size between 2mm and 3.5mm.

4 Ply Yarn

4 ply is one of the most comment weights of knitting wool and is popular with knitters and crocheters. It’s an all-rounder, versatile and you are limited only by your imagination!

4 ply wool is usually knit using 3.25mm needles, but as always – check the pattern you are using!

Double Knit or DK Yarn

Almost certainly the most popular weight of knitting wool is double knit or DK. It’s used for both knitting and crocheting – and because of its popularity – the colour range available is wide.

Knit with 4.00mm needles or crochet hooks.

Aran Yarn

Aran wool is between DK and Chunky in weight and can offer a faster growing knit alternative to DK yarns. Aran is superb for knitting those warm wintery garments such as jumpers, cardies, scarves and hats.

Aran wool is normally knit or crocheted on a 5.00mm hook or needle.

Chunky Yarn

The perfect yarn for beginners as it knits fast for almost instant gratification. Easily knit up a scarf or hat effortlessly, or why not knit an entire throw for your sofa?

Knit on needles ranging from 6.00mm to 8.00mm depending on the yarn.

Super Chunky Yarn

The heaviest of the yarn weights – super chunky is knit on 10.00mm needles and bigger! The best choice for knitting large, super-fast projects. Knit anything from a jumper to a pouf or rug using super chunky wool.

Knit or crochet with 10.00mm or bigger needles.