A>2 Chroma Art Students Acrylic 120ml
Recommended Retail: £4.99Our Price: £3.49, saving 30% on RRP Select options

A>2 Chroma Art Students Acrylic 120ml

Recommended Retail: £4.99
Our Price: £3.49, saving 30% on RRP

One price, lightfast artists quality paints are needed, which are less expensive than professional grade paints, so they can be used generously, but they must have the right consistency and enough pigment to allow proper progress to be made.

Being lightfast means that they can be used alongside professional grades when transitioning to Atelier Interactive and professional artists can use A2 “to bulk out” large paintings.

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Weight 0.15 kg

Titanium White (691), Cadmium Yellow Light Hue (684), Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue (685), Indian Yellow Hue (781), Red Gold (783), Cadmium Orange Hue (681), Cadmium Scarlet Hue (682), Cadmium Red Medium Hue (683), Alizarin Crimson Hue (677), Dioxazine Purple Hue (693), Ultramarine Blue (692), Phthalo Blue (690), Cobalt Blue Hue (687), Cerulean Blue Hue (686), Phthalo Green Hue (694), Hookers Green Hue (767), Permanent Green Deep Hue (771), Green Light (688), Terre Verte (768), Yellow Oxide (696), Raw Sienna (769), Light Red Oxide (689), Indian Red Oxide (774), Burnt Sienna (679), Raw Umber (772), Burnt Umber (680), Warm Grey (695), Pewter (777), Carbon Black (678), Ivory Black (780), Silver (776)