Brusho Crystal Colours – Assorted Pack of 24 Colours

Brusho Crystal Colours – Assorted Pack of 24 Colours


Brusho is a form of transparent watercolour available in an extensive range of exciting colours, supplied in small drums containing dry, crystalline powder.

They mix instantly with cold water to produce a painting medium that is renowned for its versatility. The colours lend themselves ideally for the production of a variety of hues, tints and shades by mixing, dilution or concentration, or by the superimposition of washes. Brusho is unique and many of the effects can be achieved in no other way.

Even after many years of Brusho painting, new possibilities will still be found for this highly interesting product.

This set contains 15g each of Lemon, Golden Yellow, Gamboge, Vermilion, Orange, Scarlet, Ost. Red, Brilliant Red, Crimson, Violet, Purple, Cobalt Blue, Ost. Blue, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Turquoise, Leaf Green, Emerald Green, Sea Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey, Black and White.

– Acid-free
– Non-toxic
– Conforms to ASTM – D4236

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