Conté à Paris Coloured Carrés
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Conté à Paris Coloured Carrés

Recommended Retail: £1.65
Our Price: £1.29, saving 22% on RRP

The history of “Conté à Paris” products cannot be separated from the personality of the company’s founder, Nicolas Jacques Conté.

Born in 1755, he claimed the title of painter, chemist, physicist, hot air baloonist and inventor during the fifty years he lived. Nicolas Jacques Conté’s historical achievement is undeniable. In 1794, he developed the modern graphite lead from a mixture of clay and graphite, thus making it finally possible to create different grades of hardness for pencils. The pencil factory he set up in 1795 enabled France to at least produce its own calligraphy and drawing material. A few years later, he developed “pencils without sleeves” (bare leads) replacing those made from “Italian stone”. He worked on making the colours “fixed and unchangeable” to meet the requirements of the painters of the day. Artists’ pencils and pastels were thus born. Over the decades, the quality of its products and the extent of its ranges have enabled Conté à Paris to establish itself as a true reference for artists world-wide. Used by top masters, amateur artists and art students alike, Conté à Paris offers the widest variety of techniques and effects possible for drawing, sketching and pastel work.

65mm long, 6mm x 6mm section. Available in 70 shades.

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Dimensions 0.075 × 0.009 × 0.009 m

Bistre 001, Dark Green 002, Vermilion 003, Yellow Medium 004, Violet 005, King Blue 006, Red Brown 007, Light Green 008, Black 009, Ultramarine 010, Pink 011, Orange 012, White 013, Gold Yellow 014, Olive Green 016, Yellow Ochre 017, Raw Sienna 018, Purple 019, Light Grey 020, Green Blue 021, Prussian Blue 022, Burnt Sienna 023, Light Yellow 024, Red Violet 026, Scarlet 028, Light Blue 029, Mineral Green 030, Bordeaux 031, Umber 032, Dark Grey 033, Emerald Green 034, Indian Yellow 037, Madder 038, Garnet Red 039, Red Lead 040, Cyclamen 041, Grey Sepia 042, Prussian Green 043, Saint Michel Green 044, Dark Ultramarine 046, Naples Yellow 047, Flesh 048, Light Orange 049, Lime Green 050, Green Grey 051, Payne's Grey 053, Raw Umber 054, Persian Violet 055, Sky Blue 056, Deep Yellow 062, Gold Ochre 063, Chinese Red Vermilioned 064, Bright Red 065, Lake Crimson 066, Deep Violet 67, Blue Violet 068, Cobalt Blue 069, Space Blue 070, Marine Blue 071, Blue Grey 072, Cold Green 073, Moss Green 074, Chromium Oxide Green 075, Leaf Green 076, Armor Green 077, Dark Green Grey 078, Brick Red 079, Vandyke Brown 080, Brown Grey 081, Burnt Umber 082


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Conté à Paris