Golden Fluid Acrylic Colour 30ml

Golden Fluid Acrylic Colour 30ml


Equal the intensity of GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics but with an even, flowing characteristic useful for dry brush application, fine details, pouring, spraying (particularly when mixed with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium), staining techniques and many others.

Fluids are created by loading an acrylic polymer binder with concentrated levels of quality pigments for a wide selection of permanent and lightfast colours. No fillers or extenders are added to achieve the desired consistency, nor is the fluid quality achieved with additional water. GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics have the same pigment load as the Heavy Body Acrylics, but in a viscosity similar to heavy cream. Fluids allow for smooth flowing applications while retaining colour intensity, tinting strength, film integrity, and adhesion.

Available in a breath taking range of 85 colours.

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Hansa Yellow Light (2180), Primary Yellow (2422), Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (2009), Hansa Yellow Medium (0219), Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (2008), Hansa Yellow Opaque (2191), Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue (2428), Indian Yellow Hue (2436), Quinacridone Burnt Orange (2280), Diarylide Yellow (2147), Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold (2301), Vat Orange (2403), Pyrrole Orange (2276), Pyrrole Red Light (2279), Naphthol Red Light (2210), Pyrrole Red (2277), Cadmium Red Medium Hue (2425), Primary Magenta (2421), Naphthol Red Medium (2220), Quinacridone Red (2310), Alizarin Crimson Hue (2435), Quinacridone Crimson (2290), Quinacridone Magenta (2305), Quinacridone Violet (2330), Permanent Violet Dark (2253), Ultramarine Violet (2401), Dioxazine Purple (2150), Ultramarine Blue (2400), Cobalt Blue (2140), Cerulean Blue Chromium (2050), Anthraquinone Blue (2005), Prussian Blue Hue (2439), Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) (2260), Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) (2255), Primary Cyan (2420), Cerulean Blue Deep (2051), Manganese Blue Hue (2437), Turquois (Phthalo) (2390), Cobalt Turquois (2144), Cobalt Teal (2145), Teal (2369), Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) (2270), Viridian Green Hue (2443), Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) (2275), Permanent Green Light (2250), Jenkins Green (2195), Sap Green Hue (2440), Chromium Oxide Green (2060), Green Gold (2170), Titan Green Pale (2371), Titan Buff (2370), Naples Yellow Hue (2438), Yellow Ochre (2407), Yellow Oxide (2410), Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (2386), Raw Sienna (2340), Transparent Red Iron Oxide (2385), Red Oxide (2360), Violet Oxide (2405), Burnt Sienna (2020), Nickel Azo Yellow (2225), Burnt Umber Light (2035), Raw Umber (2350), VanDyke Brown Hue (2442), Carbon Black (2040), Bone Black (2010), Paynes Gray (2240), Zinc White (2415), Titanium White (2380), Iridescent Copper Light (Fine) (2452), Iridescent Copper (Fine) (2451), Iridescent Bronze (Fine) (2450), Iridescent Gold (Fine) (2453), Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine) (2455), Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) (2454), Iridescent Pearl (Fine) (2456), Iridescent Silver (Fine) (2457), Iridescent Stainless Steel (Fine) (2458), Iridescent Micaceuous Iron Oxide (2460), Interference Gold (2467), Interference Red (2469), Interference Violet (2470), Interference Violet Green (2486), Interference Blue (2465), Interference Green (2466), Interference Green Blue (2484), Interference Green Orange (2485)