Hahnemühle Agave Watercolour Block 290gsm
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Hahnemühle Agave Watercolour Block 290gsm


Agave Watercolour is a natural white watercolour paper. It is characterised by its cold pressed and very homogeneous surface texture. It is suitable for all kinds of watercolour techniques, especially for glazing. The special surface of the 290 gsm paper allows brushes to slide over the surface easily and allows for brilliant colour
gradients. Washouts and corrections are simple possibilities.

Agave Watercolour is acid-free, non-aging and vegan. By using sisal, a fast-growing and resource-saving raw material, Agave Watercolour is the ideal painting surface for environmentally conscious artists. All Agave Watercolour blocks are glued on 4 sides. Individual sheets can be easily removed with Hahnemühle‘s bamboo folder.

Made from 70% Agave fibre and 30% cotton rag. Cold pressed.

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