Hemline Overlock/Serger Machine Needles: Type A: 80/12: 6 Pieces


Overlockers/sergers use different needle systems according to the make and model. Users will need to refer to the machine instruction book to select the correct needle. Size: 80/12.
TYPE A (16X231, DBX1) (2053)
Babylock EA-205, EA-305, EA-603, EA625, MO102
Brother B500, B600 series, M523, M524, M525, M526, M546M, 760DE, TE-B505
Elna All MD series
Husky 400, M430, M431, M435, M435C, M435D, M436, M440, M441, M530, M435,
M523, M530, M535C, M535D
Mammylock ML-4, ML-302R, ML-303/-R, ML-342, ML-502, ML-604, ML-634
Pfaff 604, 705, 706, 710, 791, 793, 794, 795, 796
Singer 10U series, 14U12, 14U13, 14U14B, 14U22, 14U23, 14U52, 14U53A, 14U72A, 14U73A, 14U74B
Victoria HA700, HA800, HA1000, HA2000, HA2002

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