POSCA Pencils – Set of 36
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POSCA Pencils – Set of 36

Recommended Retail: £88.00
Our Price: £64.95, saving 26% on RRP

Both technical and simple to use, POSCA Pencil offers many creative possibilities. Its easy-to-sharpen nib is particularly effective for detailed work and for filling in. Thick and robust, it allows you to saturate the colour as much as possible to achieve up to 6 intensity levels. And thanks to its unique composition, mixing oil and wax, POSCA Pencil enables you to work cleanly, with no excess material: a real plus for the daily lives of creators!

POSCA Pencil is suited to amateur and experienced artists for drawing on all surfaces. Its ease of use combined with a unique finish makes it a powerful creative tool for students of Fine Arts, illustrators, designers, architects, creative professionals and all drawing enthusiasts.

– Soft and smooth writing experience
– Bright colours – the toughness of its nib allows you to press down and saturate the colour as much as possible
– Easy colour blending
– Delivers and oil paint effect by blending the drawing line with an oil medium
– Light resistance
– Satin-soft body and its natural grip ensure great comfort even during prolonged use
– Water-resistant and can easily be used with other techniques like watercolours, gouache, acrylics

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