POSCA Wax Pastels – Set of 24

POSCA Wax Pastels – Set of 24


With its long and fine body, POSCA Pastel is used like a pencil. Ergonomic, it has a natural grip which guarantees great ease of use, even during intense creative sessions. Just as easy when colouring in as when doing detailed work, it’s easy to sharpen so you can keep a thin tip for clean and precise lines. POSCAL Pastel enables you to explore numerous creative techniques like shading, scratching, or smoothing, it’s also particularly effective for contrasting effects or when mixing colours. It is even pliable under heat to create textured effects for a unique result!

POSCA Pastel is suitable for amateur and experienced artists for drawing on all surfaces. Its ease of use combined with a unique finish makes it a powerful creative too for students of Fine Arts, illustrators, designers, architects, creative professionals and all drawing enthusiasts.

– Robust and easy to sharpen tip allows you to maintain a fine tip which is essential for detailed work
– Long fine shape enables a natural grip to make creative work easier
– Pliable under heat and can be diluted with solvents
– Generates very little sediment – perfect for use at home and outside
– Oil and wax based
– Powerful chromatic intensity
– Permanent on porous surfaces
– Available in 24 bright and covering colours

This tin contains one of each of the 24 colours available.

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