Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink 14ml

Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink 14ml


Introduced in the 1890’s by Winsor & Newton, these have been the choice of illustrators, designers and calligraphists ever since.

Made with soluble dyes combined with a shellac binder, they’re non-permanent (except for Black, Liquid Indian, Gold and Silver) and water-soluble, but water-resistant when dry That means you can apply them thick for a rich gloss finish, dilute them with distilled water to increase transparency for wash work, or work over them once dry without fear of bleeding.

Whether rich blacks or bright bold colours, you’ll find Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks are a joy to use.

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Weight 0.062 kg
Dimensions 0.05 × 0.04 × 0.04 m

Apple Green 011, Black Indian 030, Blue 032, Brick Red 040, Brilliant Green 046, Burnt Sienna 074, Canary Yellow 123, Carmine 127, Cobalt 176, Crimson 203, Deep Red 227, Emerald 235, Gold 283, Nut Brown 441, Orange 449, Peat Brown 469, Purple 542, Scarlet 601, Silver 617, Sunshine Yellow 633, Ultramarine 660, Vermilion 680, Violet 688, Viridian 692, White 702, Liquid Indian 754