Winsor & Newton ProMarker Brush

Winsor & Newton ProMarker Brush


Promarker Brush from Winsor & Newton is a versatile twin-tipped illustrator’s marker, featuring a broad nib and a highly durable brush nib that provides both precise and flexible line control. The width of the line can be precisely controlled simply by varying the angle and pressure applied to the brush nib. The broad nib is ideal for creating quick images and filling in large areas.

Promarker Brush markers contain the same alcohol and colourant-based ink as ProMarker markers, offering an impeccable, streak- free finish.

They are available in a palette of 72 colours (71 + 1 blender), 11 of which are unique to the Promarker Brush range.

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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 0.2 × 0.02 × 0.02 m

Black (XB), Royal Blue (V264), Bright Orange (O177), Forest Green (G356), Bright Green (G267), Lime Green (G178), Burnt Sienna (O324), Burnt Orange (R946), Henna (O225), Carmine (R156), Warm Grey 5 (WG5), Warm Grey 4 (WG4), Warm Grey 3 (WG3), Warm Grey 2 (WG2), Warm Grey 1 (WG1), Cool Grey 5 (CG5), Cool Grey 4 (CG4), Cool Grey 3 (CG3), Cool Grey 2 (CG2), Cool Grey 1 (CG1), Canary (Y367), Amethyst (V626), Rose Pink (M727), Indigo Blue (V234), Ruby (R455), Berry Red (R665), Blush (O729), Yellow (Y657), Sandstone (O928), Maroon (M544), Lipstick Red (R576), Satin (Y129), Amber (O567), Plum (V735), China Blue (B736), Cinnamon (O427), Dusky Pink (O518), Cool Aqua (C429), Lemon (Y747), Cyan (C847), Red (R666), Apple (G338), Cocoa (O535), Meadow Green (G339), Almond (O819), Pale Pink (R519), Mint Green (G637), Sunflower (Y156), Pumpkin (O467), Lilac (V327), Lush Green (G756), Grass (G457), Gold (O555), Putty (O618), Egyptian Blue (B944), Cadet Blue (B336), Wild Orchid (V746), Saddle Brown (O345), Blender (BL), Soft Lime (Y828), Champagne (Y217), Pebble Blue (C217), Firebrick (R735), Cerise (M647), Pink Pearl (V718), Ocean Teal (G956), Cloud Blue (B318), Magenta (M865), Praline (O837), Purple (V546), Sky Blue (B137), Turquoise (C247), Azure (B346), Apricot (O538), Poppy Red (R565)