Winsor & Newton ProMarker

Winsor & Newton ProMarker


The Winsor & Newton ProMarker is a high quality, twin-tipped marker that makes the perfect introduction to colouring with alcohol based markers.

– You can use them on card, acetate, glass, plastic and wood, as well as paper
– The translucent inks are easy to blend and overlay, and the nibs give you consistent coverage with no streaks

Available in a spectrum of 173 colours.

New for 2021: 17 new colours including Matt White!

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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 0.15 × 0.015 × 0.015 m

Coral (R937), Black (XB), Lavender (V518), Royal Blue (V264), Bright Orange (O177), Azure (B346), Petrol Blue (C824), Forrest Green (G356), Bright Green (G267), Lime Green (G178), Burnt Sienna (O324), Burgundy (R424), Burnt Umber (R646), Buttercup (Y417), Burnt Orange (R946), Henna (O225), Carmine (R156), Warm Grey 5 (WG5), Warm Grey 4 (WG4), Warm Grey 3 (WG3), Warm Grey 2 (WG2), Warm Grey 1 (WG1), Cool Grey 5 (CG5), Cool Grey 4 (CG4), Cool Grey 3 (CG3), Cool Grey 2 (CG2), Cool Grey 1 (CG1), Canary (Y367), Amethyst (V626), Rose Pink (M727), Indigo Blue (V234), Ruby (R455), Berry Red (R665), Blush (O729), Yellow (Y657), Sandstone (O928), Maroon (M544), Ivory (Y418), Cobalt Light Blue (B637), Lipstick Red (R576), Ice Grey 2 (IG2), Satin (Y129), Aegean (B146), Amber (O567), Plum (V735), China Blue (B736), Cinnamon (O427), Dusky Pink (O518), Poppy (R565), Crimson (R445), Cool Aqua (C429), Lemon (Y747), Ice Grey 1 (IG1), Red (R666), Apple (G338), Baby Pink (R228), Cocoa (O535), Meadow Green (G339), Almond (O819), Cerise (M647), Khaki (Y616), Pale Pink (R519), Pastel Beige (Y717), Mint Green (G637), Sunflower (Y156), Pumpkin (O467), Lilac (V327), Lush Green (G756), Pastel Pink (R738), Blue Pearl (B528), Emerald (G657), Tan (O528), Cornflower (B617), Mandarin (O277), Marine (C446), Holly (G724), Pine (G635), Bluebell (V127), Pink Carnation (M328), Umber (O615), Walnut (O124), Grass (G457), Tulip Yellow (Y337), Apricot (O538), Antique Pink (R346), Ice Grey 5 (IG5), Tea Green (G619), Primrose (Y919), Arctic Blue (B138), Duck Egg (C528), Lime Zest (G159), Peach (O148), Mango (O248), Caramel (O727), Cardinal Red (R244), Pastel Green (G829), Soft Green (G817), Grey Green (G917), Sunkissed Pink (O228), Oatmeal (O628), Ice Grey 3 (IG3), Marsh Green (G136), Terracotta (O335), Gold (O555), Vanilla (O929), Ginger (O136), Pastel Yellow (O949), Green (G847), Aubergine (V524), Saffron (O739), Slate (V715), Ice Grey 4 (IG4), Pear Green (Y635), Spice (O346), Putty (O618), Mustard (O948), Prussian (V464), Shale (R215), Blender (BL), Blossom (M428), Leaf Green (G258), Chestnut (R934), Cocktail Pink (R438), Cyan (C847), Denim Blue (C917), Dusky Rose (R327), French Navy (B445), Fuchsia Pink (M137), Honeycomb (O547), Hot Pink (R365), Magenta (M865), Moss (Y334), Mulberry (V865), Orchid (V528), Pastel Blue (C719), Powder Blue (B119), Salmon Pink (R547), Soft Lime (Y828), Soft Peach (O138), True Blue (B555), Midnight Blue (B624), Olive Green (Y724), Orange (R866), Purple (V546), Raw Sienna (O646), Sky Blue (B137), Turquoise (C247), Violet (V245), Cadet Blue (B336), Champagne (Y217), Cloud Blue (B336), Firebrick (R735), Pebble Blue (C217), Praline (O837), Saddle Brown (O345), Herb Green (Y524), Pale Blossom (M419), Pesto (Y923), Storm Cloud (BG05), Verdigris (C426), Blue Black (XBB), Warm Grey 00 (WG00), Warm Grey 0 (WG0), Warm Grey 6 (WG6), Warm Grey 7 (WG7), Ice Grey 00 (IG00), Ice Grey 0 (IG0), Ice Grey 6 (IG6), Ice Grey 7 (IG7), Cool Grey 00 (CG00), Cool Grey 0 (CG0), Cool Grey 6 (CG6), Cool Grey 7 (CG7), Misty Rose (R729), Lemon Chiffon (O129), Pink Camellia (O629), Bisque (Y428), Muted Pink (O829), Wheat (Y229), Pale Cream (Y219), Linen (Y119), Antique White (O919), Burnt Mahogany (O224), Chocolate (O234), Cedar Brown (O235), Light Pecan (O237), Hazelnut (O534), Coffee (O523), Deep Mocha (O423), Matt White (MW)