Purchasing your art & crafts supplies from Clark Craft Products online is quick, easy, convenient and safe. 

Clark Craft Products makes every effort to maintain customer confidentiality when securing an online payment. This includes ensuring the security of your credit card details and other personal information that you enter into our site. 

All of your personal information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. 

How we secure your payment information when you order online

When you place an order with Clark Craft Products over the Internet, your web browser connects with our website through an SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer") tunnel. SSL is an industry-standard protocol for encryption of information over the Internet. 

When information is encrypted, it is scrambled between your computer and our server. The information is only unscrambled when it safely reaches us. It's fast and safe, and it ensures that your personal information cannot be read by anyone else. 

However, any emails that we send containing your personal data, sent to or from Clark Craft Products will travel in a non-encrypted format. 

As you place an order we need to capture your personal details to allow us to dispatch your order. At this point the information is encrypted. You can tell this is happening as browsers will usually display a key or padlock at the bottom left corner of the screen. considers your privacy to be of the utmost importance. If you are concerned with how we might collect and use information about you, you can find a complete explanation in our Privacy Policy.